saturday 17 november 2018

cellar arts club, WORTHING

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atom presents
Plus Ruairi Bisset
Cellar Arts Club, Worthing
Saturday 17 November 2018 
Ages 18+ 
19:30 doors - 22:00 show ends 
The bar continues ‘til 00:00 

Tickets £3 Cellar Arts Club members / £5 General Admission

Tickets Available 01.10.18: 

Worthing famous Djelibabis return for one night only, they may never play again - don't miss out!

What Have You Been Up To? F****** Allsorts!

2005, the year that Charles married Camilla, the year of the Bird Flu epidemic, and of course, the year that Djelibabis formed. A two man band consisting of Rob Newby and Joe Bunn, Djelibabis came to prominence in Worthing, attending both the Swan and Royal Oak open mic nights at the tender age of 16. They are no longer 16. They are 29 years old. That's why it's time for a Reunion.
Djelibabis were Worthing famous for about 3 years, and were consistently asked 'what were you smoking when you wrote that?' They weren't smoking anything. Described as 'Acoustic Punk', Djelibabis are for fans of Pink Floyd's first album, Art Brut and 60s bubblegum pop.

Songs about dragons, boys fighting walls and bikes will take you back in time to that heady year of 2005, then forward a bit to 2006, when Djelibabis entered the Anti Pop Idol and managed to make it into the final. Fast forward a little bit further to 2007, when they once again made it into the final, but this time they were 18 years old and got a little bit too drunk to win.
What have they been up to?
Fucking allsorts. And various bands and side projects. Djelibabis never officially broke up, the two guys just went onto other things. For Rob it was the amazing Falsetto Teeth, another Worthing famous band, before Wingdings, a truly amazing supergroup of sorts. For Joe it was doing nonsense on stages and messing with people for fun, first as Crap Bag, then as Bard of Worthing. But you never really stop being a Djelibabi, it's part of your very soul.

Reel as you remember the time that Djelibabis played a Christian Youth Festival and got escorted from the camp site by suggesting that God said the worst swear word. Gasp as they tell you about the weird time that Beardyman supported them at their first (and last) full band gig. Shiver with envy when they inform you that Djelibabis started out as a 3 man band, with one member, Neil Squibb, leaving with a song they all wrote together, Up and Down. Watch as they forget some of the verses, and cheer as they play hit after hit

Plus Ruairi Bisset []

lo fi soulful indie bedroom pop mostly about heartbreak and mindless consumption

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