The Bluetones - Science & Nature tour stops in Worthing!


The Bluetones have announced the release of their third album ‘Science & Nature’ and the hits collection ‘The Singles’ (the latter available for the first time on vinyl) from the 19th July 2019 through Demon Records.

To follow up on the releases, the band have also announced a UK tour in October / November 2019 where they’ll be playing the ‘Science & Nature’ album in it’s entirety and other hits...

Mark Morris - lead singer, song writer for the band - speaks about the releases by saying: “Science and Nature signaled a break from the recording habits we’d established on our first two albums, and a chance to express ourselves in a completely new environment, and using technology we’d not worked with before. Recorded in isolation, during the summer of the lunar eclipse 1999, it’s a record that captures the band trying our hand at new musical styles, and has a freshness and warmth that still emits all these years later.

To have the Singles Collection get a release on vinyl is something that many people have been hankering after for years, and it’s truly satisfying to finally have the thing out in the LP racks at last.“

The Bluetones are promising a sensational set of shows this November as they plunder their incredible body of work one more time, playing their most popular songs. If you miss them this time, it may be a lifetime before you get another chance - Don't miss this intimate show at St. Paul's, Worthing, Friday 22 November