Adorable reform for 3 days, then split up again!

Delighted to announce Adorable’s final ever live date, at Bush Hall, London this November!

Tickets go on sale Friday 10 May 10:00am here:

Creation Records band, Adorable, are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their last ever show in Brussels in November 1994 by reforming for 3 days and then splitting up again.

Releasing records on the iconic Creation Records label between 1992-94, Adorable were perhaps a band out of step and out of time. Featuring a more song-based approach and Jesus & Mary Chain-esque attitude than their earlier shoegazing counterparts, but with more guitar atmospherics than the straight ahead song structures of the Britpop scene that was to explode less than a year after the band called it a day, they are seen by some as the bridge between the Shoegaze & Britpop eras. Scoring NME Singles Of The Week for both their debut ‘Sunshine Smile’ & ‘Sistine Chapel Ceiling’, they toured extensively in the UK, Europe, USA, Australia and Japan and topped the UK Indie Charts, but were never able to make the breakthrough to mainstream success.

However, their music, compared to the likes of Echo & The Bunnymen, The House of Love or perhaps fittingly one of the great lost bands of an earlier age, The Sound, still lives on with a devoted following of old and new fans alike. A re-release of their 2 albums ‘Against Perfection’ (1993) & ‘Fake’ (1994) scheduled for Autumn 2019 will be an opportunity for people to re-assess or discover their music anew.

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of their last ever show in Brussels in November 1994, all four original members, Piotr Fijalkowski aka Pete Fij (Guitar/Vocals), Robert Dillam (Guitar) Wil (Electric Bass Guitar) & Kevin Gritton (Drums), have decided to re-form for 3 days to play some live shows, before splitting up again.

Piotr: “When we originally split up in 1994 it was because of dwindling sales, press indifference and a label that didn’t want us anymore. 25 years on, we’re planning on going out on a high – to play some shows that are a celebration of our time together, and exit this time on our own terms!”

Adorable will play:

HEBDEN BRIDGE Trades Club on Thursday 31st October

LONDON Bush Hall on Sat 2nd November

PLEASE NOTE the band are not planning any further shows after these dates...

Interview with Thea Gilmore ahead of Worthing show

Interview with Thea Gilmore

Thea Gilmore by Rob Collins - January 2019 -  Image 2 - 300 ppi.jpg

For more than 20 years singer/songwriter Thea Gilmore has successfully straddled genre’s to produce music that is still true to her own voice and vision.

Following her debut release aged just 19, the eclectic “ Burning Dorothy” she went on to create the stunning breakthrough album “Avalanche”, so admired by Joan Baez that she asked Thea to open for her on the 2004 tour. Thea has gone on to work with a range of leading artists including, Nigel Stonier, Matt Owens, Seth Lakeman, Robbie McIntosh and Tom Waits percussionist Michael Blair. 

 In 2011 Thea was asked to collaborate on material left by the late Sandy Denny as unfinished songs and recordings, creating the haunting and beautiful album, “Don’t Stop Singing” 

I caught up with a very busy Thea as she prepares for the Launch of her new album “Small World Turning” which released on the 17th of May; her UK wide acoustic tour begins in Glasgow on May 15th, arriving at St PAULS WORTHING on Tuesday May 28th 

I began by asking how the preparation for the Album and tour was coming along.

Must be a very busy time for you with an album launch and a tour to prepare for, how is it all going?

It’s going pretty well. I’m mostly in charge of everything on this project, so there’s a bit of learning happening at my end, which is always a good thing. We’re prepping the tour at the same time as trying to drive the album, so yes, lots to do.


How is the release plans for ” Small World Turning”  coming along,  has it been mastered and sent off for pressing or are you still tweaking?

It’s currently in sunny France getting test pressings for the vinyl done. Lucky album! Meanwhile I’m in rainy Cheshire!

It's always a difficult time when you have finished an album and you are waiting for the world to hear it.

It is an odd time for sure. These songs that you have worked on and you have lived and breathed for a couple of years suddenly go into this quiet time. It’s a bit like what I imagine actors feel when they make a movie and it doesn’t come out for ages. I’m already thinking about what comes next. But I know when the record is finally out in the world; I’ll immerse myself in it again and be living the songs live. 

I love the new song Glory, it has a real edge to it, but does it give a hint to the tone of the new album? - It has a timeless feel to it, made me think of the new David Crosby album, contemporary and nostalgic at the same time, 

Yes, Glory seemed like the obvious track to make available first because it sets the tone for the record. This album was very consciously a step back to my roots and into the folk world. 

The lyrics are biting; did the song start with the words, the riff or the melody?

In uncertain political times like these, folk music provides a sense of perspective and history as well as real narrative arc and storytelling which I think is vital to make sense of the world we’re living in at the moment.

I also love the fact that you always sing in your own accent, was that a conscious choice on your part?  

Well now, when I made my second album, I was really young and made the mistake of singing in a mid Atlantic twang. I’ve regretted it ever since and made a deal with myself that I’d always sing in my accent from that day on. And I have. I have a bit of a non-accent like a lot of people from the south midlands-ish area. But I’ve lived in the North West for so long now that an accent can sneak in when you don’t expect it to, which I love.

You have had some fantastic collaborations across your career are there any on the new album?

This record is bursting with the kings and queens of the folk world. Seth Lakeman is on it, Cara Dillon, Sam Lakeman, Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts and Ciaran Algar. They were all so wonderful and generous with their time and expertise. I felt really lucky that such amazingly talented people were prepared to play on one of my albums. On top of that, I had Matt Owens from Noah and the Whale on bass and doing some vocals for me AND Michael Blair who was percussionist for Tom Waits... so it’s a pretty awesome supergroup on the album!

You have had some amazing moments in your career for instance opening for Joan Baez, how did that come about?

It was through her manager at the time. She had a policy of supporting young, new artists and was always on the lookout for stuff she could give a leg up to. She’s a truly extraordinary woman. I was so happy I got to introduce my kids to her when she was playing in Manchester recently. It felt like the right thing that they had got to meet and chat with someone who was so key to my own career but also, a living legend. They mostly talked Harry Potter.

Have you started working on a set list yet for the tour, any little snippets you can share?

I’m a last minute set list writer much to the discomfort of my band, so no set list yet. But it will feature a lot of the new album as well as some old faithfuls!

You have a good eye for which song would make a good cover version, can we expect some this time around and can you share yet what they might be?

I’m not sure yet. When I pick a cover, I have to be sure I can bring something new to the song. I like doing unlikely stuff so it could be anything!

Do you know much about the venue at St.Paul’s? 

I’ve never played St Pauls. I can’t wait. I have been known to tailor a set list to suit the venue, but usually the venue sort of informs the performance. Old churches tend to have a gravitas and depth of atmosphere that is really special.

What will be your line up for this tour ?

It’s an acoustic album, so it’s an acoustic band. There will be 4 of us on stage. A lot of instrument switching going on as well!

Any venues you have yet to play that you would love to?

I’m happy on any stage to be honest. I couldn’t say that I have a venue that sits in my head as the pinnacle of what I’d like to achieve. In the industry as it stands at the moment, I just feel lucky to still be out there gigging. 

Thanks again for your time; I always like to end with a few quick fire questions

What’s your favourite album/artist at the moment? Any recommendations?

Ooh. Tough. I actually am loving Billie Eilish. I think she’s got something really special going on. I’m aware that if there are any 14 year olds reading this they’ll probably groan that someone so old likes their artist, so I’m keeping it a bit quiet!

There’s a song called Chemicals by Gregory Alan Isakov which is beautiful and Flaws by Vancouver Sleep Clinic that really get me. Lots of great stuff out there right now that’s not really being written about enough.

Beatles or Stones? Beatles. No contest.

Joni Mitchell or Joan as Policewoman? Damn. I love them both, but I know Joan a little and I don’t think she’d mind me saying Joni.

The Roches or the Unthanks? Unthanks. Although that is VERY tough.

World party or Waterboys? Man. At a push, Waterboys.

Playing live? Or working in the studio? That’s like choosing between a boat and a squirrel.

Go too Sunday Morning Song? Are You Serious? - Andrew Bird

Best live gig you have attended as a fan/guest/punter? Paul Simon in Manchester 2016 or Ani DiFranco at Shepherds Bush Empire in 1997

If you had to give advice to a young musician starting out what would it be? Don’t listen to the advice of older musicians. You’ve got this all by yourself.

Lastly what is the first song on your playlist when you head out on tour?

O Children - Nick Cave

There are still some tickets left for the St Pauls Worthing show, don’t miss out, if you are a fan of Folk, Americana, blues  or even just music with soul then Thea Gilmore live is an experience you will want to see. 

Thea is supported by the wonderful Matt Owens formerly of Noah and the Whale (interview with Matt on its way)

In the meantime check out the new Single “Glory” I would also recommend “Rags and Bones” from “Avalanche” and “Slow Fade to Black” from “The Counterweight”

By Rob Kelly

Thea plays live at St. Paul’s, Worthing - this May. Tickets On Sale Now!

James Walsh live at St. Paul's, Worthing

James Walsh Square.jpg

We’re delighted to announce James Walsh live at stunning former church, St. Paul's, Worthing, Saturday 01 June 2019…

James recorded his latest album ‘Tiger On The Bridge’ in front of an audience of fans at RAK Studios in London, there was even a successful marriage proposal during the recording which James orchestrated on behalf of the groom-to-be. The album will be released on Friday 31st May and James will be heading out on the road to showcase the album and some Starsailor favourites in May and June this year - don’t miss out on this special solo acoustic show!

James said; ‘I’ve been lucky enough to have had some amazing moments creating music over the years that I’m immensely proud of. But there was something particularly special about this experience. Writing these songs has helped me through a turbulent time in my life & recording it in front of the fans & people I work with who’ve been so supportive over the years felt like the perfect way to do it’

Don’t miss out and grab your tickets today…

Just Announced // Norman Jay MBE Returns to Worthing 2019

Don’t Miss Out! The king of funk & soul returns to Worthing this September 2019…

Norman Jay MBE is unquestionably one of most respected and popular DJs in the world today. Born in Notting Hill, Jay played his first gig aged 8 at a 10th birthday party. Influenced by his father’s record collection of blue beat, ska and jazz, by the late 1970s he was considered an emerging authority on contemporary Afro-American music including funk, disco, soul and jazz fusion

During a series of late-70s trips to New York, visiting family, Norman was inspired by the city’s unique and vibrant club scene, and on his return to the UK teamed up with his brother, Joey, to build the Good Times Sound System, playing funk, soul and disco at Notting Hill Carnival. Cementing his reputation as co-founder of, and prime selector on, the then London pirate radio station KISS FM. Jay originally coined the term, and subsequently fostered the emerging ‘Rare Groove’ scene, filling the airwaves andmany warehouse parties under his Shake and Fingerpop guises, with the best in 70s & 80s grooves and nascent house cuts. Pushing the boundaries of the UK’s emerging club culture he went on to co-found the first ‘Paradise Garage’ style club in Britain –‘High On Hope’, and, alongside kindred spirit Gilles Peterson, Norman established the Talkin’ Loud label, spearheading the Acid Jazz scene.

Throughout the late 80s and 90s, Jay continued to build a reputation as one of the world’s most popular DJs, packing clubs to the rafters wherever he played, taking the underground sounds of rare groove and house firmly into the mainstream. The turn of the century saw Norman Jay assume the role of elder statesman, receiving an MBE from the Queen for services to deejaying and music.

Most recently he has taken his legendary Good Times parties to the East of London, sharing the carnival vibes with venues including St John at Hackney Church, Oval Space and Mick’s Garage. His latest compilation ‘Mister Good Times’ released with Sunday Best Recordings captures the true spirit of Good Times, ‘People who used to come to arrive early doors carnival will know exactly what this is about,”says Norman. Continuing his burgeoning work as a broadcaster, and playing an eclectic mix of black and dance music across the globe as the deejay’s DJ, Norman Jay remains at the forefront of club culture continually converting generations of clubbers to the cause, championing new sounds, yet never forgetting his musical roots, thus guaranteeing nothing but the ‘Good Times’

Coming next | Tim Burgess live at St. Paul's, Worthing

TIm B Square.jpg

COMING NEXT | TIM BURGESS Live at St. Paul’s, Worthing, Friday 01 February 2019

As part of Independent Venue Week and his 2019 solo tour, Tim Burgess, best known as lead singer of The Charlatans - he's also recorded three solo albums - and one collaboration album with Peter Gordon. Tim's latest outing, As I Was Now, a brilliant set of songs recorded nearly 10 years ago with an all star line up - released on record store day to huge critical acclaim. His O Genesis label mates Average Sex will not only support - they also become his backing band, The Anytime Minutes

For nearly 10 years, Tim Burgess's label has released the wonderful, the groundbreaking and, sometimes, what can only be described as the weird. From his own solo output to Ian Rankin's debut recording on vinyl, a re-imagining of Jodrell Bank's audio archive a a dance floor banger and a record that slowly disintegrates, after a battle with the record player's needle.

Tim has put together a line up with labelmates Average Sex and The Silver Field with a headline set from his very own band Tim Burgess & The Anytime Minutes.

The Silver Field make beautiful, ethereal soundscapes in the style of This Mortal Coil with Average Sex knocking out 3 minute wonders that it's hard not to pogo to - don't miss out!