As everyone knows, Worthing is rising. It’s really about to happen in a way it hasn’t since the long gone days when The Byrds and The Who hit town (they really did – look it up!) Kicking up the dust and setting wheels in motion are atom, the key player on the town’s live scene, sorting gigs and all kinds of other nightlife action in an increasingly vibrant seaside haven.

The men behind atom walk it like they talk it. Thom Milner-Smith and Ant Dickinson are the minds behind New Year’s Eve 2014’s Mother of all Parties in the Assembly Hall so, as anyone who attended will tell you sci-fi glittered future disco madness is part of the atom game.

That was only the start. 

One year on & they’ve delivered the likes of: The Charlatans, Grandmaster Flash, 10cc, James Taylor Quartet, Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Gretchen Peters & year two of The Mother of All Parties.

While atoms make up all matter, atom simply matters, joining all the elemental particles of Worthing together. 

This is just the beginning. There’s loads in the pipeline. Watch this space and get on board


Thom Milner-Smith - Co-Founder & Director

Simon Ryder - Production

Alex Borg - Content

Clare Borg - Accounts