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Our Story

Worthing has blossomed, becoming a place where anyone can go out for an evening to enjoy live music, quality DJs, good food and buzzing bars. We feel we’ve been part of that journey and over the last year we’ve expanded, putting on events further afield.


We’ve brought a wide array of acts to Worthing - The Charlatans, Grandmaster Flash, 10cc, Wolfgang Flür, ABC, Adam Buxton, Half Man Half Biscuit. Lloyd Cole, Gretchen Peters and many more – 2018 saw us extend our reach as far as Kent to the east and Bristol to the west.

The year began, as always, with our Sold Out TheMotherOfAllParties New Year’s Eve party, April saw shoegaze noise-pop dons Ride sell out St. Paul’s in 12hrs, and by the summer we’d had been asked to programme Kent’s 15,000 capacity community festival Create (featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club), as well as promoting Hawkwind at Dreamland in Margate, and events in Bexhill-on-Sea.

With repeat appearances in Worthing by party DJ supremo Norman Jay MBE and New York hip hop-rockers Fun Lovin’ Criminals, as well as appearances by songsmiths Jack Lukeman and James Walsh, things are only growing busier. And showing support for our roots, our Endangered Species YouTube channel showcases unsigned talent from the Worthing area.

While atoms make up all matter, atom simply matters, joining all elemental particles together, in Worthing and far beyond.

The future looks atomic…



We put on events to unite people; atom is about gathering all kinds of people in one space to share remarkable moments together.

We deliver high-quality live music concerts & events in our hometown, Worthing and south east UK. Quality, convenience and variety. With focus on you, the fans…

Worthing - amazing venues with fantastic audiences. Plus, it’s by the sea. Looking forward to the next time we play there!
— Tim Burgess, The Charlatans

Nominated: Indie Promoter of the year - Live UK Music Business Awards 2015

Winner: Panels Choice - Sunny Worthing Business Awards 2016

Member of Association of Independent Promoters



Thom Milner-Smith - Founder / Promoter

Ronnie Joice - Associate Promoter

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